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Truly collaborative

RARE is built on true collaboration. 

We build tailored teams for each project. Powered by an international network of specialists who are very good at what they do. 


This creates exponential value for our clients, our projects and our teams. 

Enhancing Architecture
& Placemaking

Conceiving spaces beyond the material. From media architecture, to integrating art and experience. Blending different disciplines to enhance architectural design. 

Immersive Design 

Be it in the realm of the digital, physical of phygital. Designing spaces, places and environments that stimulate the senses and enhance the human experience. 

Experiential Art

Creating pieces that spark the imagination and have a lasting impact. We believe in celebrating craftsmanship and culture, pushing the boundaries with technology.

Rare is an experience led design studio working at the intersection of spatial design, art and technology.


We blend creative disciplines to create immersive experiences, spaces and art that celebrate and define culture. 


Creating multi-sensory projects with lasting impact.



A suite of pre-comission & strategic services, granting access to design thinking expertise. 

Setting the foundations for success with tailored brief, vision and strategies, resulting in clear decision making criteria for exceptional environments. 

© 2021 by RARE. 

© 2021 by RARE

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